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Copyright and Anti-Spam Information – Grants and Privileges: The information in the Personnel Guide (all versions) is owned by Baxter Publications Inc. Users may not sell, lease out, give away or use the information for mass communications. Unsolicited e-mailing through information in listings is not permitted. If violated, the user agrees to pay a licensing fee established by Baxter Publications Inc. The content can not be copied, published or cause to be published in whole or part without the expressly written consent of Baxter Publications Inc. The gathering of email addresses and sending of unrequested Commercial Electronic Messages to any part of the database is prohibited under the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation. Baxter Publications Inc. is compliant with the Canadian Anti-Spam Regulations. 
Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy in the listings. The publishers of the Personnel Guide regret any errors that may have occurred and cannot be held responsible for such. Notification of inaccuracies or changes may be addressed to:

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